Ideas are no good unless you can make them happen.


Let’s say you work in a creative agency. Let’s say you have a couple of clients that want to create immersive smart experiences (either at a PoS, as a brand activation, etc.). Chances are you’ve already familiar with the following process: hire an R&D consultancy company, try to understand the possibilities, create the content, then hire an integrator and finally find a reliable technical support partner for maintenance. Oh, and also pray along the process.

What. A. Mess.

Until now.

Here’s an idea.

We tech guys tend to overcomplicate stuff. Not everyone knows all the possibilities of our inventions because when we explain things, we use big words.

But Broox was born to make your life easier. Our product analyzes customer behaviour and product performance at the PoS. It also helps you create and deploy immersive brand experiences. And it’s meant to make scalability so easy not even us can believe it at times (this might be an exaggeration, OK, but it certainly got your attention, didn’t it?).

Let us tell you a little more in these four bullet points:


Broox gives you the possibility to create innovative and disruptive ideas for immersive smart experiences. And then to carry them out on a whim.


It also profiles consumers to give you powerful insight into their behaviour to be able to offer your clients something no one can say no to: ROI.


The Broox Vision Engine allows you to segment your interactive content audience by age, gender, emotions or wearing accessories to find out which kind of content they are more likely to consume.


Our platform helps you to trace offline consumers that follow up online as well. There’s no longer a barrier between both worlds.

But none of this would matter if the process was slow and messy. That’s why we cut down by 80% the time needed to set up any activation.


It’s not a matter of believing. It’s a matter of making it tangible.

And a 2000% ROI is, no doubt, the best way to make it visible. That’s an argument almost no one can oppose. We could also casually tell you that our product drives our clients’ sales up by 30-80%, but we are not here to brag. We are here to give you solid arguments for the next time your client tells you your idea is a little wild.


What’s the big idea, then?

We won’t share it with anyone. Unless it’s too good not to steal it from you.

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