An endless pool of resources.

An infinite new stream of revenue.


The future of retail will happen in two stages. First, the pioneers, those who know and understand the importance of memorable smart experiences for consumers through technology adoption, will lead. And then, the rest will follow. End of story.

What we are offering you is, quite literally, a huge piece of the cake.

More business for you is good for us. Damn good.

Businesses can be seen either as a lone gunner exercise or a as a common effort (in which everyone that takes part can strive). We know Broox is something revolutionary (not that we want to brag, but data and facts tell us so), but at the end of the day, it’s only one more piece of the puzzle. A puzzle we want to complete with our partners. For us, there’s no better way to make business than pooling resources to offer a better, more integral product.

Because, that way, everyone wins.

See what we have in store for our partners:


A radically different approach, which in turn means new customer revenue.


Higher margins through a subscription revenue.


A boost in your customer revenues by opening up new projects.


 An increase in brand awareness and recognition. You’ll be one of the pioneers.

These are some of our (already more successful) partners


The future looks bright

Yup, customer delivery is our primary focus, but there’s a second layer behind our will to partner up with you: to help you position for the future of in-store retail marketing with immersive smart experiences overlaid on physical products (sorry, you know, SEO friendly words are needed).

The thing is we help design firms and fabricators work with Broox to establish leading positions in the coming wave of technology adoption. This will open up new streams of business, generate higher margins and boost the subscription revenue model.


Do you think it’s about time we lead the way? Tell us all about it.

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