This partnership will make sense to you. Let us explain why.

In a complex world of even more complex solutions, we take pride in simplifying our partners' lives by providing them an easy and scalable solution to help them create memorable smart experiences for brands.

Design Houses & Fabricators

Let's start the machine together. Open new revenue streams and increase your margins by embedding Broox in your displays.


Creative Agencies

Ideas are no good unless you can make them real. Our product is the perfect canvas for agencies to implement out ground-breaking digital ideas.


Technology Partners

We want to connect technology with people. A partnering with Broox means more opportunities to do that together.


Partnerships make sense if it's a win-win situation for both parts

This is not about adding another logo on our partner page. What we are looking for are innovators.

Do you have an active project to create and deliver
immersive and smart retail experiences?

Are you strategically investing in an
interactive retail channel and
determining your technology partner stack?

Do you need a partner to help you develop and implement
a smart experience in-store?


Our Open Partner Model Delivers Highly Tailored
Solutions to the Most Demanding Clients


Just like Tinder: this is all about the perfect match.

We make it easy. We make it scalable. And, yes, we make it just for our clients. Our work requires customization, so we work with a select network of Broox certified partners, as well as with our clients’ internal and external teams. Because the only thing that matters is delivering.


Do we make Broox flexible?

Are muffins easy to soak in that coffe? The answer to both questions is OF COURSE. Our product was created with portability on mind, so it can be easily implemented. You’ll be up and running in no time, creating campaigns and measuring analytics with a couple of clicks. Our extensive service delivery methodology is designed to deliver flawlessly, working with any partner of your choice.


We should be working together to deliver custom solutions, don't you think?