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Too often, you might have found yourself in a situation in which a client requires an installation for an immersive brand experience at a PoS. And while the technical details are all but covered by you, you still need some R&D consultancy, a content creator and a technical support provider for the software. And if they ask you to scale it and take it to the rest of their stores, chances are it's going to be a pain in... well, you know where.

Not anymore.

No one should worry about technical support.

That's why we've created a product with a strong "keys-in-hand" component. Broox it's a cross-client solution to manage all the instalations from one single online CMS. Our triggers (the indicators that help us detect and analyze customers) have been tested hundreds of times to improve reliability. In fact, in this very moment, they're being improved. They never stop learning (like good professionals). But we know you want something solid to believe us, so we've saved this last bit for the end: an easy to scale platform that will save you up to 70 % of your costs.


We're drawing a line in the sand

Broox is a cloud-based marketing platform to help brands create and implement physical + digital memorable experiences. Where? Well, that’s up to them. Think a restaurant with interactive menus. Think a hotel with a smart mirror that suggests outfits depending on what’s on your calendar. Think a shelf that will activate when you put your phone on it and will suggest new models to replace it.

A more simple approach with endless possibilities.

Because it’s not a matter of just doing it. It’s a matter of doing it easy.

We are here to combine the different technologies that will define the future of experiences. We make them easy to implement, easy to scale and easy to use. In an era of complexities, simplification is the ultimate empowering tool.



Get yourself a simple life.

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